Q&A Sessions


Q&A Sessions

with Sheikh Ibrahim Zidan

657. Are parents responsible for bad deeds done by their adult children?

656. How can the youth avoid seeing and hearing sins at school and work?

655. Can a Muslim attend the funeral of a non-Muslim?

654. Question about praying while sitting when a person can pray standing

653. What should you say to a non-Muslim if he asks where he will be after death?

652. What is the ruling about adherents of monotheistic faiths other than Islam?

651. Is du’a of someone for you also a form of shafa’a?

650. Question regarding those, who will benefit from shafa’a (intercession)

649. Can we say “May Allah bless your house” if it was bought with riba (usury)?

648. Can a Muslim make du’a for a non-Muslim?

647. Will the Sirat be the final stage after people are judged

646. What happens if parents make du’a against their children

645. Question about shafa’a for those, who committed major sins

644. Question about du’a of angels for those who sit in the masjid

643. Question about asking a mother or righteous person to make du’a for you

642. Is it better to make du’a for yourself rather than seeking it from others?

641. Is du’a of someone for you also a form of shafa’a?

640. What is the proper way to ask Allah for shafa’a (intercession)?

639. Why can the devils still access and listen to orders given to angels?

638. Is it allowed to imitate angels or depict the Quranic verses about hellfire?

637. Is it okay for me to give the gift I received to someone else as a regift?

636. How can reverts detach from their past life, habits, and memories?

635. Should students of knowledge be required to take notes?

634. Is it rewarding to endure greater hardship in worship for higher rewards?

633. What should you do if you stopped hearing Imam during the prayer?

632. Will the Dajjal enter every place on Earth and where to hide from him?

631. Is it recommended to pray the Sunnah of Fajr quickly?

630. Question about obligation of a man to spend on his wife

629. Question on joining a service and taking an oath to abide by their laws

628. What if someone insists that you go to church with them?

627. Can male nurses attend to female patients?

626. Question in regards of the life insurance

625. Question about the priority of right side over left and elders over young?

624. Is wrestling a practice from Sunnah?

623. Question regarding frequent swearing by Allah

622. Can deceased people hear Salam at their graves?

621. Is lying on your stomach haram or is it only forbidden during sleep?

620. Question about permissibility of using medicine containing alcohol

619. Is depression linked to heart and iman and how to maintain Sakina?

618. What are the best methods for expressing repentance and gratitude to Allah?

617. What happens when you make du’a for someone?

616. What if a wife keeps asking for a divorce even over small arguments?

615. Is menstrual blood considered impure (najas)?

614. Is it allowed to use teeth braces for correcting the shape of teeth

613. Is it compulsory for women to cover their feet during prayer?

611. Are spousal relations allowed during istihadhah?

610. Is a man’s wife considered a mahram for his stepfather?

608. Question about being extreme in taking physical means and Qadr of Allah

607. Is the act of wiping face with hands after du’a a Sunnah practice?

606. How to respond to arguments using tawaf as a justification for gender mixing?

605. Is it allowed to participate in mixed gender dawah gatherings?

604. Are they considered divorced if they haven’t lived together for a long time?

603. Question regarding Khula (خلع), divorce initiated by the wife

602. Is it from sunnah to put right hand on the forehead after prayer?

601. Question about the actions of Allah sending hardships to a person

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