Encouraging Muslim Unity

Encouraging Muslim Unity

Encouraging Muslim Unity

Encouragement to Unity of the Muslims and Condemning Splitting and Differing” by Imam ibn Saadi


Hold fast to the deen of Allah

We have the best example in the Prophet (ﷺ)

Obeying people of authority | Resolve a dispute between Muslims

Evil outcome of disputes, hatred and boycotts among believers

Great benefits from uniting Muslims together

For Muslims, it is part of the religion to maintain unity and avoid anything that leads to hatred or boycotts towards each other

Verily Allah said: Whoever shows enmity to a Wali (pious worshiper) of Mine, I declare war against him

People of knowledge about ikhtilaf – differences of opinion on religious matters

People of knowledge stay on Al-Haqq and do not call others deviant if they have a different opinion

Faida (benefits) from the Risala (message/ book)

Conclusion. Allah is the One Who unites the hearts of believers if they have a strong iman