Al-Ibanah Al-Kubra by Imam Ibn Batta

Al Ibanah Al Kubra

Al-Ibanah Al-Kubra

by Imam Ibn Batta

Part 1 : Introduction ( the saved sect )

Part 2: Chapter why he compiled this book

Part 3: This life is darkness upon darkness, and light is a revelation from Allah. And people of knowledge are the sources of this light.

Part 4: This chapter is about obedience to Allah without even thinking about the benefit or outcome of it.

Part 5: This chapter talks about deviant sects that reject the Sunnah and oppose it, accepting only the Qur’an.

Part 6: This chapter highlights the fact that the Sunnah is also a wahi (revelation) from Allah and can never be separated from the Qur’an.

Part 7: This chapter provides more evidence that the Sunnah is a wahi (revelation) from Allah, and deviation from it leads to shirk.

Part 8: The chapter on the explanation of Al-Iman and its obligation is that it is affirmation by the heart, declaration by the tongue, and action by the limbs and movements. A person is not a believer except by these three.